Efficient collaboration solutions on time...


People,by nature always want tofinda goodand reliablefriend.Companies need a partneranda good advisorjust like people.


2bePurchasinghasbeenestablishedwith this purposeandaimedto offerconsultancyservicesto companiesonPurchasing, SupplyChainManagement and Productionwith thephilosophy«PremiumService,Efficient Cooperationand punctualSolution».


2bPurchasing, with 25years’experience in sector, can addhisownknowledgeandexperienceinthe fieldsofsupplychain,logistics&warehousing services,consultingand productionoffers businesssolutions andsuccessforyourcompany.


We believe that knowledge it is increased by sharing and we think 1 + 1 = 3 is only possible through the synergy.